Rowdy Rosé, Tantrum Chardonnay & Chaos Cabernet Sauvignon Bundle


Rowdy Rosé, Tantrum Chardonnay & Chaos Cabernet Sauvignon Bundle


Rowdy Rosé offers refreshing flavors of wild strawberry and hibiscus while Tantrum Chardonnay features expressive flavors of caramelized apple and hints of cinnamon. And, Chaos Cabernet Sauvignon has prominent notes of dark fruit and baking spice with vanilla undertones.

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Rosé Wine, Chardonnay, & Cabernet Sauvignon
Wine Description

This bundle includes 1 bottle of Rowdy Rosé, 1 bottle of Tantrum Chardonnay and 1 bottle of Chaos Cabernet Sauvignon.

Rowdy Rosé

There’s no shame in getting rowdy with a wine you can sip classy. Rosé has always been my go-to drink to bring along for a day with my besties.

Aromas: Raspberry, white peach and rose petal undertones
Flavors: Wild strawberry and hibiscus
Finish: Bright minerality and refreshingly crisp

Chaos Cabernet Sauvignon

What’s life without a little bit of chaos? My Messy Mawma Chaos Cabernet is the perfect excuse to sit back and enjoy some well-deserved down time.

Aromas: Dark fruit, baking spices and a touch of vanilla
Flavors: Hints of black plum, cherry and blueberry
Finish: Prominent with well-balanced tannins for a lasting impression

Tantrum Chardonnay

I’m the first to admit that life can be crazy, but my Messy Mawma Tantrum Chardonnay gives you full permission to have your tantrum and drink it too.

Aromas: Fresh stone fruit, honey and brioche
Flavors: Hints of caramelized apple and touch of cinnamon
Finish: Expressive and bright for a refreshing delight

“My hope is that my wines bring comfort and bliss to the most hectic of days, giving you the perfect excuse to escape for some well-deserved ‘me time.’”

- Snooki

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